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Flipping for Noobs!


other option is to look at tends and buy low and hold for a few days... a little more risky tho


Flipping is always tricky and takes time there is a website that helps you if you want to learn https://www.ge-tracker.com/registered-feature
Things to consider is the market for example i find flipping gear and supplies on the weekend very effective. Buy some gear on low end in the week and sell high end in prime time weekend hours. Same goes for any pking and pvm supplies most are more active on the weekend. Example of expensive flips would be ancestor bandos arma DHC rapier Ely. The more expensive the item normally the larger the margin you can find ive made 8-12m in one flip off a rapier just selling my own on a weekend and buying it back on monday. Another big thing to look at more small margin is highly botted items like sharks nature rune etc. Margin might only be 1-5gp each but at the buy limit its a free 10-50k by buying off the bots when they dump then selling slowly.

(02-20-2018, 03:41 PM)The Unitt Wrote:
(02-09-2018, 01:13 AM)Tmass Wrote: Here's several items i max out on every 4 hours! enjoy!

1. saradomin brew (3)
2. Twisted buckler
3. amulet of glory uncharged
4. ring of wealth uncharged
5. guthix dragon'hide sets

Uncharged jewelery... thats interesting.

Think about it like this people sell it at a low and some people just run charging to make a profit specially on the glories in wild for that off chance of getting lucky


rev guys got this down =D
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