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Does anyone play League Of Legends?


Whats up guys, just like what the title said - Does anyone play League? hahaha I'm sure some of y'all do ! If I am intruding onto another post of this topic I am sorry I didn't see one! hahaha

But anyways - My in game name is: IRTS 

I mostly play ADC/Support - Just a plat scrub in solo/duo and silver/gold in flex :Tongue lol


ahh this was one game I couldnt get into! I played Warcraft 3 and a bit of Dota 2 but im sure there's a few guys
[Image: GETlvvR.png]
[Image: nELzcTd.gif]


I could never get into dota! That shit is way too hard for me haha, I guess its hard getting into those types of games because theres so many characters you have to learn lol


i messed aroudn in league at one point but only got to silver lol... i was junk.... but i did enjoy jungle and ganking lanes


yoo I play Username: Buybytheoz

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