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it fm9


What is your Runescape Display Name? :
4D (main), fm9 (Med)

What is your current Runescape Stats? :
[Image: ddbe0d692c0dc597a6b4ae53cf25d496.png]
[Image: 4fec9f33b0d3009e199b2b8551c4b62e.png]

Do you have a PK Tab? :
[Image: cd55d2fc5927cdf33ac2f2f407122e23.png]

Tell us a little about yourself :
My name's Felix but i often go by the name fm. I've played Runescape since 2007 on and off, and been involved in clans for about 3 years.
Been in clans such as Rev (Senior) and currently a rank in Team Sweden aka #1 GMT
I currently live in Sweden where i study psychology and work by the side. When i dont play RS i often hang around with the GF or mates.

How did you hear about us? :
Smile told me about it months ago

Do you know anyone currently in Evil? If so who? :
Known Smile & Droville for 2+ years, and Bear & Mitts aswell.

Do you wish to join? :
Maybe, might just give it a shot.

What is your Timezone? :
GMT +1 (6 hours ahead of EST)

Anything else you would like to add? :


Hi Smile


Welcome back man!
[Image: GETlvvR.png]
[Image: nELzcTd.gif]


Welcome back


welcome pal
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welcome man! beefy stats for sure! Big Grin


Welcome back man!


[Image: 8sKOd6Q.png]
[Image: 441762ef016abd5d07e25eaca352fef6.png]



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