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Seasonal Deadman Mode is nearly on its third day in, a few of us in the clan have already started playing so I was curious to know if anyone else would be interested in joining. If so we could use this thread to discuss strategies, plans and help each other to survive the game longer.

A bit of strategy I started out with was to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold to train agility right away until about level 25, where I moved onto rooftop courses to 40. For combat I've been sticking with mostly range but with long-range magic to train for snares and a bit of much needed defense levels.

As far as skilling goes I want to have stats to make a simple PK set relatively easily without needing to rely entirely on the Grand Exchange, saving me some coins for runes and basic supplies. I started training woodcutting and fletching so I could make magic bows. Later on I plan on doing some crafting for d'hide sets. Overall it's a defensive plan, this is my first SDMM where I'm actually trying to stay consistent with it so it will be a lot of fun to experiment.

Who else is interested in DMM or SDMM? Anyone playing can group up on Teamspeak to work together, it's a great way to get some PKing and general game experience with clan members.


I was thinking of making an alt just for DMM while I have my main to skill and what not but haven;t got a chance! I know a bunch rush the stronghold for the free 10k gp but other than that what you covered is pretty solid!
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i got few tricks to help get started but over all you need a team if not you get pked and get mad and quit
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very solid strategy... definitely need a team to be successful at sdmm

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